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About Us

We would like to take the time to tell you a little bit about our family.

Chris and I have 4 wonderful children, 2 boys and 2 girls.

Our sons are both married and starting their familes. We were blessed with 3 Grandchildren Cooper, Violet and Salem. Which we are excited to see them grow with our wonderful lab family. They all love to come to Papa and Nana's house to play with our labs and puppies not to mention all our other farm animals.

Our oldest daughter had a heart for the big city so she had moved to Chicago with a career in the medical field.

Our "Baby" could not leave her country roots and have stayed here in Texas, started college at St Phillips College in San Antonio to become a Surgical Tech. She is currently

helping with the kennel duties and also has been assisting with our Obedience Training Program.

Each of our kids have had some special part in each of our labs life. Whether it be help in cleaning the kennel or help in socializing our dogs/puppies. We love knowing that our kids will have experience and knowledge raising Labs and entreprenuership. Something that they will be able to share with the generations to come.

In 2003 we have planted our roots here in Texas . We lived in Illinois prior to us moving to Texas. Chris is originally from Texas and I from Illinois.

Our love for labs grew after we bought Luke, our first lab in Illinois.

We wanted Luke to have a companion. We had always wanted to breed Luke as well. So we went looking and found the perfect mate. Liberty our chocolate female.

After the move to Texas, our 8 acres not only had 1 house on the land but two houses. Chris and I took days looking at the 2nd home that was unfinished trying to decide what to do with it, tear it down or use it in some way.

After thinking about it we figured it would be crazy to knock it down. We ended up converting it so that it would be a sturdy home for our dogs. We also have made a portion of the house into the "Nursery" where the momma's can feel safe and secure in their own whelping area. Our Labs now have a 1600sq ft home for them to enjoy. In the meantime our lab family has grown with 20+ new additions.

Our family of dogs have been growing in size and we felt that it would be best to add an additional house's on to the property. There is one adorable house with the cutest white picket fence around it and this is called our "puppy" house. This is where our customers can have plenty of room to interact with their new addition. We have just added new sod and some wrought iron benches to make it so much cozier.

We then added another building for our growing boarding customers. This awesome house has 8 indoor/outdoor runs with plenty of room for your fury family memeber to enjoy. There is also 2 good size fenced in grassy play area for your dogs/puppies to run, play and splash in. This house also has A/C and Heat.

Luke and Liberty have since crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

We know in our hearts that they are happy as ever to be together again running and playing. We miss them so much but we see their legacy live on in our new litters.

Which makes our hearts happy again.

"We strive to give you the best bred pup, with many years of happiness"

Chris and Linda Gray

Liberty 03/02/2003 - 02/15/2016

Luke 05/19/2001 - 08/03/2013